Sentry Pro Smart GSM Wreless Intruder System


Features include :
• 99 Wireless Zones (1 Sensor per zone)
•Easy installation
•99 wireless zones
•4 wired zones
•LCD display with time and date
•Voice prompt
•Auto arm and disarm setting
•Dial up to 6 numbers with alerts
•Text up to 3 mobiles with alerts
•Tamper proof panel
•10 second message record option
•Arm disarm and check by text (password controlled)
•Can be used to make calls
•One touch arming
•Easy coding system
•Programmable part arming
•Remote controlled from phones and mobiles
•Built in battery back up

Includes the following :

Sentry pro control panel including fitted pay as you go SIM card
•4 PIR sensor devices
•2 door contacts
•2 remote controls
•1 outside wireless solar siren
•1 internal siren

Promotion price £395.00 including installation
Rocktight security
Tel 08008089996

sentry pro wireless intruder alarm

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