Access Control

ac2Access control provides you with that extra layer of security before an authorised person can enter your home or business. Rocktight Security caters the access control to your specific needs. It may be a video entry phone and monitor for your home or an advanced pin-access into a specific area of your business.


Rocktight Security install two types of entry systems:

Audio Access Control:

audioAn audio access control system will allow you to speak to the caller before allowing them entry into the building. Depending on the system installed, this may be by manually opening the door or by pressing a button which will electronically open the door.


Visual Access Control:

bell2 - CopyA visual access control system allows you to view the caller before allowing entry. The caller will look into a camera and you will be able to answer and view the caller from a video entry monitor.

Rocktight Security offers the complete range of of door entry systems from manufactures such as Bell and Bewator for the commercial and domestic market. From the basic Bell 901 single station door entry residential kits to the sophisticated video entry systems, we cater for most access control applications.  We stock an impressive range of audio and video door entry telephones with complete functions demanded by door entry and access control markets.

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